Pip Keukenmarathon

The kitchen, the place to be at every houseparty. There where the beers are cold, where you have fresh air and where the lights are just that little too bright. The kitchen counter is the place where deals are done, relationships get broken and pacts are made. This night will put the kitchen on a pedestal, this night is all about the kitchen in all it’s glory and it’s gloom. There will be several kitchens ( yes real kitchens ) in Bar using all areas except for the basement. All hosted by friends, family , colleagues, enemies, lovers you name it. There will be music ( well of course duh ), there will be games, there will be a lot of absurdity and a lot of drinks. Will there be food too?

Our beloved friends from Pip are organizing this kitchen event for 5 years now and are expanding for the first time to another location.


Kitchen 1: PIP Den Haag
Kitchen 2: BAR Rotterdam
Kitchen 3: Operator
Kitchen 4: ……


10,- at the door


Schiekade 201

Instagram: https://instagram.com/barrotterdam
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bar-rotterdam