Heartbreak: There’s got to be love in the streets

Heartbreak, heart broken, heartache and love sick. A broken heart is just the growing pain necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along.

I shoulda seen you was trouble right from the start. Taught me so many lessons how not to mess with broken hearts, so many questions. These are the times, when you’ll need someone, Heartbreak will be by your side! There’s nobody else there but the sound of the breeze, you might die trying but you might find love in the streets. There is always that light that shines, special for you and us. Let Heartbreak be the one to make you the happiest and hurt you the most.

The 6th of May Heartbreak is back in your favorite spot in search for those still believing that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. For the people willing to dance, sing a long and shout simply because you have the ability to love and to be a Heartbreaker.

This time Heartbreak will supply you with the best true eclectic remedies mixed with your favorite street inspired love songs! Catchy tunes that take you back, make you dance, sing and forget about the pain! That sound that cures a broken heart.
Come meet us on Saturday the 6th of May @Bar and remember: you know we Gotta make this song cry

▬▬▬▬ LINE-UP ▬▬▬▬


❥ Mr Niceguy | Roop | Phalerieau | Alainde


Door-sale €8,-


Schiekade 201

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