Heartbreak: The “I had a picture of you” edition

Heartbreak is for those who are torn apart like a picture ripped in two. Robbed of love, with a head full of summer-love lies, you enter the darkness off the year. Let the night be your new lover. A lover of that pop sensation, those catchy tunes that take you back, that sound that truly cures a broken heart.

They say; a picture is worth a thousand words, but well-chosen songs can take you places, pictures never can. A picture only captures a glimpse, but not the true emotion, not the true meaning of love, not the true essence of the celebration.

Get ready for the most guilty tunes you’ve ever heard at BAR on Saturday the 8th of October and remember: Love will tear us apart…

▬▬▬▬ LINE-UP ▬▬▬▬

Mr Niceguy | Roop | Phalerieau | Alainde