Bar World Series 5: Barış K, Insanlar (live) & Mehmet Aslan

Bar World Series #5

Barplus proudly presents Bar World Series number 5! As you might already know, Bar World Series is an event that consists of several nights filled with live music, concerts and DJ sets fueled with sounds from around the globe. The nights are curated by the finest (inter)national selectors, who will take you on a journey through different corners of the world. The purpose is to show you guys the local-gone-global grassroots of modern electronic music and how they have influenced our favourite artists.

For our 5th edition we invited Bariş K.
Barış K is a veteran DJ and expert crate-digger from Istanbul who specialises in Turkish psychedelia and cosmic disco. After years of hosting weekly radioshows on Istanbul’s Dynamo FM and Açik Radyo he started focusing on Turkey’s rich musical heritage.
His Eurasia edits, released in 2007, brought Turkey’s hidden psychedelic funk-disco music heritage to light. After being reissued as ‘Instanbul 70’ on the Nublu label from New York, the edits became very sought after and in demand within the electronic music scene. Next to being a DJ and producer, Bariş is a key player in Instanbul’s legendary Gizly Bahce, Kod Muzik and Redroom parties, he co-founded Godet club and he curates the Anapop festival. This is the 4th time Bariş plays for us, last year he played Bar and our ADE night in Amsterdam, this year he played our Boatparty at Dekmantel Selectors and now hosting our World Series event.

As you might know Bariş plays in Istanbul’s live folk fusion project ‘ Insanlar ‘, together with Cem Yildiz and a rotating cast of guest artists. The release of the hypnotic stomper “Kime Ne” on UK’s Honest Jon’s label in 2015 (first released on Bariş’s Aboov Plak label in 2013), catapulted the band on to the international stage, where their idiosyncratic mixture of traditional Anatolian/Mesopotamian instrumentation, electronic music and spiritual/philosophical lyrics continue to captivate festival audiences. Insanlar will perform live this night!

Also a regular at Bar is swiss-born Mechanical Turk Mehmet Aslan. Last year he played together with Bariş on our ADE night.
Mehmet Aslan started out with a residency at Hinterhof in Basel (Switzerland) and is now based in Berlin where he plays regularly at the city’s iconic Renate club. His productions are a blend of folkloric undertones with contemporary 4/4 and he has been releasing on labels like ‘For Disco Only’, Highlife, H&P. He started his own label ‘ Fleeting Wax ‘ in 2016.

All about Turkey this edition. Needless to say that this is going to be very special.


► Barış K..


► Mehmet Aslan


Door-sale € 10,-


Schiekade 201