Bar World Series 2: Habibi Funk, Dakka Sultana, Khalil Ryahi

Bar World Series #2

Barplus proudly presents the second edition of “Bar World Series”! As you might already know, Bar World Series is an event we’ve recently started and consists of several nights filled with live music, concerts and DJ sets fueled with sounds from around the globe. The nights are curated by the finest (inter)national selectors, who will take you on a journey through different corners of the world. The purpose is to show you guys the local-gone-global grassroots of modern electronic music and how they have influenced our favorite artists.

For the 2nd edition, July 14th, we’ve asked Khalil Ryahi to curate the night. Khalil is a familiar face in Rotterdam’s nightlife. Besides being a great dj, Khalil was responsible for the longlasting Triphouse Rotterdam Collective and is currently making waves with the amazing Atlas Electronic Festival held in Marrakech, Morocco. Khalil is also running his recordlabel Infinite Pleasure and hosts his own monthly radio shows at RedLightRadio and Operator Radio.

Khalil has invited mastermind Habibi Funk – حبيبي فنك (!) < Jannis from Jakarta Records > 🙂 – Arabic Funk, Jazz and other organic sounds from the 1970s and 1980s.

Besides Habibi Funk, Khalil invited the Moroccan Dakka Marrakchia band “Dakka Sultana”, who will bring you some of the most hypnotizing and intriguing North African percussion there is!

جبهة اليسار إلى مكبرات الصوت


► Habibi Funk

► Dakka Sultana (live)

► Khalil Ryahi


Door-sale € 10,-


Schiekade 201