BAR heading to ADE

BAR heading to ADE

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As you know BAR is heading to ADE on October 19th and 21st. You can buy your tickets for both ADE: BAR Love Forever and ADE: Everlasting BAR Love here:


Wednesday, 19/10
We’re the first club from Rotterdam that’s part of the official Amsterdam Dance Event program. For those who aren’t familiar with us yet, BAR is known for its cutting edge programming, colourful style and the ability to turn any party into a creative extravaganza. BAR is often described as the living room of our city’s electronic music scene and a second home that feels like it’s a mini-festival all year round. But no matter how you put it, that BAR-feeling cannot be put into words and it’s the people that make the place. Lucky for you, we’re planning on bringing a whole lot of all the aforementioned with us! Line-up: JAN SCHULTE aka BUFIMAN & WOODY.
Location: Noorderlicht café, NDSM Plein 102, Amsterdam.
Tickets: € 10, via:
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Friday, 21/10
Tonight we’re diving into the essence of the Middle-Eastern revival with the godfather of that style, Baris K and our good friend Mehmet Aslan! Supported by four of our residents and some of the finest DJ’s we know, we’ll make that BAR LOVE everlasting!!! Line up: BARIS K B2B MEHMET ASLAN, OCEANIC B2B OBERMAN, MOODY MEHRAN B2B POST.
Tickets: €15, via
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Saturday, 22/10
BAR vs. PIP x NDSM vs. ADE Club sleep/over
In times of trouble you can find your real friends. The enemy is at the border and children are crying, the supermarkets are empty and girls with shaved heads are finding refuge in the outskirts of the country. In these times two likeminded clubs for the misfits and alienated, BAR Rotterdam and PIP The Hague, find each other at the frontline of rare and unusual music, problematic customers and future thinking losers. Together they present a chaotic and refreshing program during ADE at the camping site on the NDSM werf in the north of Amsterdam. They will battle without the possibility of winning, a style they have both mastered over the years. Come and join us for a celebration of the unknown, a party for the sleepless and freshly awakened.
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