BAR is a club in Rotterdam with an underground atmosphere and a reputation for progressive (house) music. We started out as a temporary small bar in a difficult area in downtown Rotterdam and currently we are located in our second BAR, in the Schieblock, a multipurpose building for the creative economy, at only 200 meters from Central Station. The area and BAR in itself are good examples of the ongoing crisis in Rotterdam where many office buildings still stand empty, creating interesting areas where a new generation of do-it-yourself entrepreneurs has set up shop, opening bars and clubs and moving into the empty offices with startups and small businesses in the creative economy.

We are located right next to Rotterdam Central Station in one of the most happening areas of town with places like Biergarten, pop venue Annabel, techno club Transport and of course The Luchtsingel, a wooden bridge that connects hotspots in the area running right over our place. As a club we are considered as one of the leading clubs in The Netherlands, together with clubs such as the former Trouw or the newly opened De School in Amsterdam and we’re an all time favourite amongst djs in the Netherlands, due to the intimate atmosphere and the authentic clubbing experience. Currently BAR consist of a diner serving a mix of modern middle eastern mezze & grill dishes as well as an amazing burgers. The club with 3 different areas including a basement, and a BARPLUS department which looks after performing arts and visual arts as part of the clubbing or night experience

Our outdoor and indoor design consists of bright colours and is a big mix of pop culture and memphis design. The diner is completely yellow and red as a reference to old McDonald’s design, while our interior design for the main room consists of a mix of pop culture and a twist of memphis design, with bright neon lights and a lot of pink and yellow. Most of our interior was taken out of other bars and restaurants that went bankrupt over the years, so its a big mix of recycled materials. The basement and main dancing area are completely black and are all about the basic true dancing experience of clubs, with a simple light plan and an intimate dance floor where the dj is as close as possible to the audience.

BAR hosted national and international artists such as: Acid Arab (FR), Mehmet Aslan (TU), Baris K (TU), San Soda (BE),  Red Axes (IL), Dj Tennis (IT), Tim Sweeney (US), Andrew Weatherall (GB), Barnt (DE), the Egyptian Lover (US), Alo Wala (DK), Moscoman (IL), Shangaan Electro (ZA), Andres (US), Rahaan (US), Clara 3000 (FR), Dj Sotofett (NO), I-F (NL), Hunee (DE), Optimo (SCO), Helena Hauff (DE), Lena Willikens (DE),  Young Marco (NL), Prins Thomas (NO) and so on..